Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

Dust Free Tile Removal Cost Factors

 There are several different factors that go into pricing for all types of tile removal projects; Some of the factors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Type of tile – there is a huge difference between ceramic tile, porcelain tile or a slate, travertine or Saltillo tile. Any contractor can describe the difficulty in removing stone versus ceramic; if your flooring contractor cannot answer that, then you should seek another contractor.
  • Size of the tile – when removing a 12-inch ceramic tile compared to a 24 inch ceramic tile, all larger format tiles use a thicker mortar bed and this increases the thinset removal time. Expect a higher cost for tile sizes 19” x 19” or larger.
  • Location of tile – removing tile from stairs, a shower, backsplash or a fireplace front is not the same as removing tile from a concrete floor. The more difficult the removal, the higher the cost for demo.
  • Sub-floor – if your home is a two-story or has a basement, there is typically a cement board that needs to be removed as well as the existing flooring; this typically depends on the type of flooring being removed and replaced. Again, speak to your contractor regarding this.
  • Logistics – single level homes are much easier to access compared to a large single level custom home with steps and inclined driveways or a multi-level home. Expect this to factor in your costs for demo.

Do you give a line item detailed FREE Estimate?

No….we provide a free rough to and from estimate. As with all facets of construction, there can never be a line item breakdown of exact numbers prior to demo – it is impossible.

Our contract, however, does list line items and a total overall contract cost. It shows exactly what is included and has a red area of ALL ITEMS not included so there is never a question.

Why is this?

If a company comes to meet with you and tells you the numbers will not change, they are being dishonest and banking you will not read the very fine print of any paperwork provided.

We try to factor in AS MUCH as we possibly can depending on the scope of work. A good example: you are wanting to demo all the carpet and padding in your home and replace with a wood plank tile. Carpet is the most forgiving when it comes to imperfect foundations. Once carpet, pad and tack strip are removed the contractor should check with a floor level how level your floors are – if there are waves, dips, severe cracks, as all of this needs to be repaired, ground down or leveled off prior to proper installation of floor tile. If it is not done, your tile will suffer cracking and your new floor is immediately compromised.

Another good example: you have a leak in your Master Shower and have for quite some time. It has now compromised the shower pan and you need to redo the entire shower. There is no way to determine if there is mold present until the demo is conducted. At that time Bill will do some testing and determine if there is any mold remediation necessary before moving forward.  Just repairing the leak is not going to solve the problem; it typically is more extensive.

There have been times that our client had no idea there was a leak behind a wall until Bill brought it to their attention. It is handled and problem is solved before spending the money on the entire remodel. Unfortunately, not all companies operate with these same ethics.

They bank on the fact that they might get called back to tear it all out and get paid to replace it again once the leak rears it’s ugly head through the new remodel.

We have dogs, cats, pets, a new baby….do you work around this?

Absolutely.  We are HUGE animal lovers and family people.  We work with you as much as possible. We have never asked a client to pen up or close out their pets; Bill loves the added attention and so do they.

If you are tearing up old tile, we offer the almost 100 % dust free tile removal system, so you will never have to worry about inhalation of the fine white dust particles. When removing ceramic tile, or any other type of flooring, a great amount of dust is created at the typical job site; up to one pound of dust occurs for each square foot of the tile demo. Deciding how to remove the tile and other flooring materials is an extremely important decision, especially for people that suffer from asthma, allergies, are elderly or for children.

There are many methods to deter dust production in the hope of preventing it from entering the air. These include such practices as hanging plastic sheeting, installing huge fans to blow dust outward, watering down the area as the work is done, and carefully vacuuming during or after the flooring demolition has been completed.

All these procedures have been used with varying degrees of success for years by flooring companies. Even when these measures are taken, the homeowner is often left with dangerous silica dust particles throughout their home which also coat the air conditioning components.

It can take months or even years to remove all the dust and particles left by traditional removal methods. For health reasons alone, using the unique dust less tile removal system creates cost savings that cannot be numerically calculated.

The cost of paying for cleanup must now be calculated and added to your overall budget/cost for flooring replacement. This cost can run into thousands of dollars for airduct cleaning and overall  cleaning of the entire home, sometimes several times over.

Can I save money by handling demo myself?

Sometimes – again it depends on the scope of work. If it involves plumbing or electrical of any kind, we never recommend a customer handling. If it requires basic removal of an item, such as tearing up carpet, pad and tack strip, then yes. Sometimes you can save a few hundred dollars. We will always be honest with you if that is asked of us.

How much does a typical Master Bathroom remodel cost?

This depends on the entire scope of work and most importantly the material chosen. When it comes to the labor to install cabinetry, that never fluctuates unless you add crown molding to the cabinets or have a specific product that requires extra work on the contractor’s part at install.  Most cabinetry we deal with already comes assembled; if the customer has any custom features added, such as pull outs, they are already installed.

If you have slab material for countertops; this is the costliest route, but also the most popular. Quartz and granite are the “go to” materials and we have places for client s to shop for the absolute best pricing.

All bathrooms are not created equal. With that some are smaller than others; some want a complete remodel where everything is gutted; some want a total room redesign which requires moving a lot of plumbing and electrical ; to give a accurate to and from estimate is near impossible , however you can expect to spend a minimum of $8000 for the labor of a standard master bathroom. This will not include the “pretty” materials that are always the customers responsibility (shower tile, mosaic, shower glass, oversized shower nitches, shower valve and trim kit(s), cabinetry, faucets, lighting, paint, new toilet, new sinks, vanity tops, accessories, etc}.  Some of our Master Bathroom remodels have run in excess of $40,000 – again it’s all about your budget, your taste in materials and the size of the bathroom and work involved.

Do I receive a better deal if I have a larger scope of work?

With Diztinctive Dezigns YES!  There are several ways to save money if you have us handle your remodel. First, if you have a bathroom remodel and want to replace all of the flooring in your home you will receive a lower price on the entire job as we will be handling more work at your home.   If  you want two  bathrooms remodeled and not  just one the pricing will be better.

All First Responders, Veterans and clients residing in any surrounding communities of

West Wing Mountain are offered discounts. If you are a referral from a previous client of ours, we offer you a discount.  If you pay cash up front for your entire remodel, we will automatically offer you a 3% discount off your entire job.

Do you handle design work if we need it?

Yes! We can offer suggestions on redesign once we are in contract. If your remodel requires any permitting, we have an Architect that handles all blueprints and the permit is listed under your name. If the remodel requires an Engineer our Architect works with an Engineer that will  stamp the project for permit. Bill has redesigned hundreds of floor plans and has never had an unhappy client.

Are you ROC licensed?

No. We work with a ROC licensed plumber, ROC licensed Electrician, ROC licensed drywall company, ROC licensed HVAC company, ROC licensed custom glass comp any and ROC licensed Fabricator.

If I ask for references are you willing to provide them?

Yes!!! We love it when prospective clients as us this question. We have a list of clients that have asked us to share their information and are willing to speak with you direct on their experience; some will even invite you to  their home to see the work in person .

If you run into an issue with my job, do you consult with me before incurring more costs?

Always. Our contract has a specific section relating to this. This is call ed a Change Order ; it will be in writing stat ing the specific changes from the original contract and the cost. It is

signed/ approved by you and the cost is then paid at that time. We pride ourselves in having the least amount of Change Orders as possible.

Is my deposit refundable?

No. We take a deposit, so the customer can look at our calendar and black out their dates and go to contract.  It is typically $1000-2000 deposit.  Then the contract will be drawn, and the contract will allow for draws; sometimes deposits are made at the first meeting; then the contract is typically signed within a few days after and the first draw is collected at that time. Typically, there are 2-5 draws, again depending on the scope of work and time element. The contract will show the deposit and then all the draws required and the timeframe they are due.  We are willing to hold a deposit on dates up to 30 days out.

Most potential clients are ready to go with their remodel. We tell everyone the same thing – if you are getting 2, 3, 10 other estimates, we are willing to beat the lowest estimate by $100 (within reason ) as long as the estimate is apples for apples to what ours is. $100 can go towards your vacation, a couple of tanks of gas, a nice night out.

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